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ORBITEC Delivers First-Ever LED Lighting System for Orbital Science's Cygnus Module Spacecraft Navigation Lighting
February 2011

ORBITEC delivered the first solid state external spacecraft navigation lighting for the Orbital Sciences Cygnus Module, which is currently planned for launch this fall.

The lights have reduced the power requirement by a factor of 10 and decreased the mass by more than a factor of 2. A set of spacecraft navigational lights consist of five lights in total (two white, one red, one green and one yellow). The lights were designed to reject all the heat they produce and were built to the second highest reliability standard for electrical components.

The delivered lights were subjected to the most stringent testing prior to delivery and are considered mission critical.
Cygnus Module

Artist's rendering of the Cygnus spacecraft approaching the
International Space Station

Cygnus Module

NASA Deputy Administrator Lori Garver Visits Orbital Dulles, Virginia Facility