APPLICATIONS: ORBITECís Hypercosm technology can be used in any application where it is essential to visually convey information about 3D processes or equipment. Our software and services are commonly used for:

HypercosmTraining: Improve performance with engaging simulation content for higher concept retention, while offering training 24/7. Our applets also easily integrate with existing LMS systems or on-line manuals.

Visualization: Walk through a proposed real estate complex or test out the functionality of a new product before purchasing.

Communication: Send design information in real time, collaborate with a client, or enhance existing web pages with interactive, eye-catching 3D graphics.

Our Hypercosm Professional Services group of highly skilled software developers and 3D artists can help make interactive 3D content work for you. Our cost-effective team works within your framework utilizing our own, tested design processes and tools to meet your project needs.