TITAN 4 FIRST RESPONDER FIRE FIGHTING RAV: HMA Fire's Titan 4 tracked Ultra High Pressure (UHP) emergency response vehicle is highly mobile for initial response and attack of on- and off-road fuel fires, forest and wildlands, military bases, parking structures and facilities.

Titan 4In vigorous testing at Tyndall AFB, Cannon AFB and Vandenberg AFB, the HMA Fire Titan 4 has incorporated industry end user test data into every aspect of its systems. Having relied on end-user input from both military and municipal firefighters alike, the HMA Fire Titan 4 vehicles are second to none in their ergonomic design and fire-fighting effectiveness. In almost every situation presented, from ground based fuel fires (w/JP8), to running fuel engine fires, as well as structural and wildland fires alike, HMA Fire is leading the industry in UHP suppression systems technology.

The Titan 4 can be configured to best suit its intended environment. It is available with a diesel or gasoline fuel system, multiple water tanks, pistol or air aspirated nozzles and manual or electric hose reels. All HMA Fire vehicles and skid units are also equipped with cutting edge nozzles, control systems and maintenance/service technology.

Titan 4 Standard Delivery Model Specifications Vehicle Fire Suppression System