L3 UHP MOBILE SUPPRESSION APPARATUS: HMA Fire's L3 UHP fire suppression vehicle is designed for initial response and attack of on- and off-road fuel fires, forest and wildlands fires, airport and vehicle fires, and other situations where maneuverability and access are vital. In testing completed at Tyndall and Cannon Air Force Bases, the L3 demonstrated its UHP advantage through rapid fire extinguishing with 1/3 the suppressant of standard fire apparatus.

L3The L3 RAV is built on a tank-like compact skid steer with fixed, non-steerable wheels mounted directly to the frame for robust on or off-road performance. Supported from the ground up on an 8x8 chassis, the L3's specialized components, such as innovative monitor and handline nozzles and turret control systems, enhance its cutting edge design. It also includes an operator activated "drive-by-wire" steering system for independent control of the hydrostatic pumps, hydraulic motors, and drives.

The L3 is air droppable and can be configured for aircraft or helicopter deployments. It meets the Department of Defense requirements for "light, lean and lethal" fire apparatus using its UHP water, dual foam or chemical tank configurations. The L3 is also pump and roll capable and self drafting, making it the highest performance first-in firefighting system available.

L3 Standard Delivery Model Specifications Vehicle
  • HMA 8x8 chassis with 1.75 ton capacity
  • 310 hp diesel engine
  • 6 wheel AWD or track option
  • Electronic "'drive by wire" vehicle control with optional remote control
  • On-board GPS navigation and communications
  • On-board computer control and recording system
  • FLIR vision system
  • Windshield misting system
Fire Suppression System
  • UHP suppression system with 300 gal H20 capacity
  • 36 gallonl integrated foam tank
  • 60 gpm turret/monitor output at 1200 psi
  • 20-30 gpm handline (200 ft) output at 1100 psi
  • Proportional turret joystick controls
  • Programmable foam proportioning controls
  • Self drafting auto-refill water tank
  • Secondary or alternate foam tank
  • OAL: 17' x 7.25' x 7.9'
  • Dry weight: 8,200 lb
  • GVW: 9,800 lb