PRODUCT TECHNOLOGY: HMA Fire's mobile Ultra-High Pressure (UHP) fire suppression systems change the landscape of initial fire fighting response. Built for rugged, off-road performance, our Ultra-High Pressure rapid fire extinguishing systems use one-third the suppressant in half the time when compared to standard fire apparatus. Combined with innovative nozzle, handline and turret control features, our emergency response product line is ideal for initial response and fire attack.

HMA FireOur state-of-the-art UHP handline nozzles with brass high-pressure inserts can deliver 20 gpm of premixed water and foam at 1400 psi, or 60 gpm of turret/monitor output at 1200 psi. When mounted to our unique mobile suppression apparatus, this industry-leading suppression system also uses proportional turret joystick controls, programmable foam proportioning controls and self-drafting auto-refill water tanks for maximum efficiency and support in the field.