SPACE RESOURCES: For propulsion and life support, future exploration missions will require oxygen and water, and other resources that can be processed from lunar or Martian soil, or regolith. For twenty years ORBITEC has been a leader in space resource utilization and processing, from the development of lunar excavation and acquisition systems, to advanced lunar dust simulants, mitigation technologies, and lunar environment testing services.

Our unique experience begins with the creation of advanced regolith simulants and a Moon/Mars water ice simulator, which are used daily in the aerospace community for vehicle, habitat, and spacesuit development and science research.

We also offer several innovative mining solutions to excavate and collect lunar water ice deposits in regolith, along with closed-loop systems to process lunar regolith into oxygen, silicon, iron, water, and glassy ceramics.

ORBITEC can provide regolith handling and processing solutions for a wide range of exploration activities, as well as reliability testing for components in a simulated lunar / dust environment.