VEHICLE LIGHTING: With over a decade of LED design and research experience, ORBITECís custom LED systems and controls provide flexibility, efficiency and operational cost savings for vehicle illumination applications. Our product portfolio ranges from simple white LED lamps to single lamps with six independent wavelengths, to optimized chamber lighting, to multiple rooms lit by hundreds of square feet of intense LED light.

Improvements in light emitting diode technologies combined with falling costs have greatly expanded the use of LEDs for general lighting. LEDs provide the ability to vary both light intensity and spectrum to increase the range of applications, while increasing safety and greatly reducing energy consumption.

Vehicle Lighting

In total, ORBITECís LED lighting systems have been demonstrated to save up to 60% of the energy costs of equivalent non-LED systems. These are savings that occur yearly throughout their estimated functional life of 50,000 hours. Additional savings are also gained through decreased maintenance (no labor cost for bulb changes or bulb disposal charges).