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ORBITEC is a leading subsystems integrator and high technology development company based in Madison, Wisconsin. ORBITEC offers commercially mature solutions and strong capabilities in six distinct areas:
  • Propulsion Systems – propulsion systems, subsystems, components, and propellants for orbital maneuvering vehicles and satellites, upper stage launch, and booster launch (air and ground).

  • Human Systems – Environmental control, life support, and thermal systems, subsystems, and components for space and other extreme environments.

  • Automated Science Operations and Systems – Efficient, automated science and operational capabilities packaged and certified for flight. Specializing in life and biological sciences and environmental instrumentation and treatments.

  • BioProducts and BioProduction Systems – food and unique bio-molecular products produced within specialized, efficient controlled environment manufacturing systems.

  • Space Resource Utilization – systems to produce usable commodities from planetary resources, and stimulants to support testing and development.

  • Fire Suppression Systems – ultra high pressure fire suppression systems to extinguish fires in ½ the time with 1/3 the water, for mobile and fixed applications.


August 10, 2016
Sierra Nevada Corporation Selected to Develop Manned Deep Space Habitat Design Under NASA NextSTEP-2

January 18, 2016
ORBITEC VEGGIE helps to bring a little bit of Earth to outer space

January 16, 2016
ORBITEC to fly high in Sierra Nevada's Dream Chaser spacecraft

December 10, 2015
ORBITEC Awarded NASA Research and Technologies Contract for Aerospace Propulsion Systems

December 2, 2015
Astronaut Scott Kelly lauds the nutritional and psychological benefits of ORBITEC’s VEGGIE aboard the ISS

November 4, 2015
ORBITEC Expands VORTEX Rocket Engine Family with Successful Demonstration of New Propellants

July 10, 2014
Sierra Nevada Corporation Successfully Completes Acquisition of Orbital Technologies Corporation of

June 19, 2014
Sierra Nevada Corporation to Acquire Orbital Technologies Corporation

April 2013
LED Lighting Publications by ORBITEC Scientists and Engineers

April 2013
ORBITEC Wins Four SBIR Awards!

March 2013
ORBITEC Completes AS9100 Certification

December 2012
Vortex Rocket Engine Reaps the Whirlwind

October 2012
ORBITEC’s Rocket Engine Soars Above the Mojave Desert

October 2012
Space Station Astronauts to Receive "VEGGIE" Fresh Food Packs

September 2012
ORBITEC Vision Engine Press Release

September 2012
ORBITEC - Biology In Orbit

June 2012
ORBITEC SpaceGarden featured at ASHS

April 2012
ORBITEC “grows” NASA business with two new awards

April 2012
ORBITEC and Sierra Nevada Space Systems Begin Testing Dream Chaser®

March 2012
ORBITEC Engineers Teach Teachers!

January 2012
ORBITEC/HMA Ultra High Pressure Systems Suppress Fires in Seconds

September 2011
Orbital Technologies Corporation Wins Contract for In-Space Cryogenic Propellant Storage & Transfer

September 2011
Orbital Technologies Corporation Wins Contract for Cast Aluminum Thrust Chamber Development

July 2011
Orbital Technologies Corporation Soars with Prime Contract for the Commercial Space Industry

July 2011
American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics SpaceOps Quarterly Newsletter Publishes ORBITEC Tools for Creation of Just-In-Time 3D Procedural Simulations Article

July 2011
Commercial Spaceflight Federation Releases Video Showing What's Next for U.S. Human Spaceflight

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About Us

For over 27 years, ORBITEC has developed technologies from concept through product execution and operation. With a full range of engineering, analysis and testing capabilities, ORBITEC is a cost-effective system and component developer in several key markets.

Our expertise includes engineering; structural, thermal, fluid and reliability analyses; fabrication, manufacturing, testing and verification; modeling; simulation; and complete mechanical, electrical, and software design.

ORBITEC meets government contract compliance, has a quality management system certified to ISO 9001 and AS9100 standards, and supports integration and delivery of physical therapy products in compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 820 (MedicalDevice Quality System Regulation).


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Propulsion, Space Resources and Energy Systems

Human Support Systems and Instrumentation

Emergency Response Systems

BioProducts and BioProduction Systems

Interactive 3D Systems and Services
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